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Swimming Championships 2018


Worcester County Swimming Championships 2018


Session 1 - 21st January, Worcester Pool (Warm Up 10.30am)

Session 2 - 21st January, Worcester Pool (Warm Up 12.15pm TBC)

Session 3 - 27th January, Wolverhampton (Warm Up 9am)

Session 4 - 27th January (Warm Up 1.15pm TBC)

Session 5 - 28th January, Wolverhampton (Warm Up 9am)

Session 6 - 28th January, Wolverhampton (Warm Up 1.15pm TBC)

Session 7 -3rd February, Wolverhampton (Warm Up 9am)

Session 8 - 3rd February, Wolverhampton (Warm Up 1.15pm)

Session 9 - 4th February, Wolverhampton (Warm Up 9am)

Session 10 - 4th February, Wolverhampton (Warm Up 1.15pm)


Age:  Age as at 31st December in Year of Competition

Age Groups:  10/11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16/Ov, 25+

Qualifying Dates:  1st April to Closing Date

Qualifying Type:  GB Rankings via Licensed Meet

Licence Info

2WM180033 - 21st January

2WM180034 - 27th - 28th January

2WM180035 - 3rd - 4th February

Long Distance Events


Boys:  Boys can swim the 800m events if they have a 1500m QT

Girls:  Girls can swim the 1500m if they have a 800m QT




Swimmers wishing to withdraw from any events should do so via the following dates the precede the session.  The form can be downloaded on this page and sent to


Tuesday 16th Jan 2018, 23rd Jan 2018, 30th Jan 2018



County Deadline: Entries must be in by 15th December.


Tickets for Worcester County Championships


This year the County have introduced individual swimming bands for entry into the Championships for the sprint events at Wolverhampton Central Baths.

Unfortunately, due to Health and Safety reasons we only have capacity for 224 spectators. Therefore, it is essential that the correct coloured band (listed below) are worn for the relevant session. No bands will be available for purchase on the day and no duplicate bands will be issued.


No band – No Entry.

Session 3 - 27th Jan - Purple Band

Session 4 - 27th Jan - Green Band

Session 5 - 28th Jan - Blue Band

Session 6 - 28th Jan - Orange Band

Session 7 - 3rd Feb - Red Band

Session 8 - 3rd Feb - White Band

Session 9 - 4th Feb - Gold Band

Session 10 - 4th Feb - Silver Band


The pool will be cleared at the end of the AM session; however, you can leave bags etc on seats. It will take approximately 10 mins for people to queue in the corridor before being let in prior to entry checks for the PM session.


Entry for the distance events at Worcester will be pay on the door at £3.00 per session.

Presidents Brief

I am honoured to be President of Worcester County Swimming Association for this next year and take this opportunity to wish you all a happy New Year.

I look forward to a great 2018 County Championships, with some exciting swimming.


I must say thank you to all the members of management board, members of swimming Committee, officials and volunteers, without you there would not be Worcester County competition.

I look forward to being invited to visit Clubs in the County, in the near future.

Mandy Gerwitz


Please find the results below. If you are having issues viewing the info on a mobile platform then please try this link:


License Info
Ticket Info
Presidents Brief
Results (Online)
Session 01 & 02
Results S01 & S02

Previous Events

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Session 05 & 06
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Session 07 & 08
Results S07 & S08
Session 09 & 10
Results S09 & S10
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