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The Association was formed in 1925. The clubs who formed the Association in 1925 were Bournville (then in Worcestershire), Dudley and Dudley Ladies, Evesham, Halesowen, Kidderminster, Stourbridge and Stourbridge Ladies, Worcester College for the Blind and Worcester.


From the outset, the association organised County Championships. Initially the 100 yards championships for both men and ladies, a mile championship for men and ladies and diving and water polo championships. The mile championships were first held at Kidderminster open air pool but in later years were swum in the river at Evesham. Water Polo was an important discipline through to the 1960’s with all the original clubs taking part and the County entered a team in the Water Polo Championship of England.

The County Association continued to expand in the 1930’s with more clubs joining and additional championships competed for. There was no centralised venue for holding championships, each club hosting individual events. Lack of facilities is nothing new to the County and it wasn’t until the 1960’s when Halesowen Pool was built that the County was able to use a modern pool. The introduction of Age Group Championships in the 1960’s changed the face of swimming and brought about the centralised championship and age group competitions we know today.


Whilst the sport of swimming has changed out of all recognition over the years of the Associations existence, the ethos has remained the same: to promote and encourage all the swimming disciplines and promote appropriate competition. Throughout its history, the Association has been fortunate to have committed, forward looking and enthusiastic volunteers to develop and carry on its work and this continues to this day.


Worcester County

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